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Owner Kelly Hughes started Scratch Fresh from the ground up. With her mother’s restaurateur instinct (she owned four restaurants while Kelly was growing up) and a superhuman will power, she made it happen… And it was worth it, proven by loyal customers who devour her homemade steak sauce every single day.

Known for their burgers, we couldn’t help but order the Original Scratch Burger with Fries. It reached beyond burger expectations with a juicy patty piled high with custom toppings and a crisped bun that delivered on crunch and taste. If you can eat fast enough to trick yourself into saying you’ve got room for dessert, the milkshakes are bar none, and the Miss Kay’s Peanut Butter Pie – a signature for the restaurant.

We’ve been here a few times and it’s become our favorite spot for breakfast/lunch. It’s a casual mom-n-pop place. You order at the counter and then they bring your order out to you. There’s not a menu board so snag a menu from the counter while waiting in line so you’re ready when you get to the front. The biscuits are large, fresh,and delicious.

April F.

Had the Scratch burger with fries. Super tender and fresh meat but the perfect texture for a burger. I like the Scratch sauce they have so I out it on the burger and the fries. Breakfast is also amazing, I’ve everything off the menu and give a 100

Chaz S.

Came here on a whim and it was honestly the best decision ever. The food was fantastic and the service was even better. The food was made to order, tasted amazing , AND took less than 15 minutes. Not to mention the staff was extremely nice and personable. I would definitely recommend this place.

Shyanne C.